<b>Protect Endangered Cetaceans Past & Present</b> - This is an artist rendition of Ojaicetidae <b>Beautiful</b> - With intelligence to match <b>Ojaicetidae</b> - Gold leaf sculpture, beautifully sculptured artist interpretation of California's 25,000,000 year old fossil whales 'Pahat's Fishing Adventure' celebrates power of storytelling

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NEW BOOK - ‘Pahat's Fishing Adventure' celebrates power of storytelling

Past and present entwine to share wondrous events that bring us all closer to our source. Magical encounters and scientific discovery merge seamlessly in this captivating story!

Pahat's Fishing Adventure
The setting: beside a lake a young native boy plays musical bones, an ancient pastime handed down by elders and ancestors while fishing. When the boy catches a catfish and forms a friendship he discovers a prehistoric whale who tells stories of the mysteries of life, survival, coming-of-age, the great outdoors, and Mother Nature. The story is inspired by Chumash mythology.

Pahat’s Fishing Adventure is based on a true story — the author’s discovery of the first 25 million-year-old fossilized toothed baleen whale, Ojai, California, January, 2000, Los Angeles County Museum Specimen 148806.


Prehistoric Whales, "ANNIE, LOUIE & WENDELL" Ojaicetidae/Ojaicetus California's first fossilized 25,000,000 year-old toothed baleen whales were discovered at Lake Casitas on January 19, 2000 by Ojai resident Aaron Plunkett. Dr. Lawrence Barnes, chief paleontologist of the marine mammal lab at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, confirmed authenticity of the specimens brought to him by Mr. Plunkett. Dr. Barnes examined lumbar vertebrae and two symmetrically congruent posterior right mandible jawbones, deducing that two prehistoric whales exist.

Along with the preservation of this rare find, help us as we work with companion organizations to protect living whales from U.S. Navy sonar and other man made threats. View our Sound Study Project.

Los Angeles Times article: Sticking Up for Louie & Wendell

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